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Our organization provides a safe, private space for those who follow a pagan path to worship, and hold meetings and gatherings. It is our mission to practice religious tolerance and help eliminate negative stereotypes by educating nonpagans about our faiths. We are the only Pagan church in the Triad Region of North Carolina.

Since 2021 we have hosted a Beltane-May Day Festival where we celebrate the rebirth of spring, and in 2023 we added a Samhain-Fall Festival where we celebrate the end of the harvest season. At both of these festivals, we provide live entertainment, games, and mass handfastings, absolutely free to anyone who wants to attend. We do this with funds we raise from The Pagan Path’s concession stand, out of our own pocket, and through donations.

Please consider becoming one of our benefactors by making a tax-deductible donation to The Pagan Path. Your support will allow us to continue providing these festivals, and other events throughout the year.