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Reidsville, NC 27320

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About Us

About The Pagan Path, Inc:
The idea of The Pagan Path, Inc began many years ago when Chip, a solitary hereditary witch since the age of 13, longed for a sacred space in nature where she could openly practice her craft without fear of judgment or persecution. Following her move to Reidsville and the property, she discussed the dream with her husband Tom who is new to paganism, and together they decided that it was time to make the dream a reality. However, instead of just making it a private space for her to practice, they agreed they should open it up to pagans and non-pagans alike. So, in March of 2021, The Pagan Path, Inc., the only pagan nonprofit religious organization in Rockingham County, North Carolina, began.

About the Property:
When we moved onto our 16-acre property, only about one acre was clear. The overgrowth was so tall that we had to hire someone to come bush-hog the remaining four acres that are not wooded. After the bush-hogging was done and we decided to open The Pagan Path, Inc, we went to work clearing some wooded areas out to make room for primitive camping spots and festival grounds for our annual Beltane-May Day Festival. In addition to that, we cleared a small area to open Hecate’s Hill, a graveyard.

About the Owners:
Tom and Chip have been together for 38 years and together they have had five children and six grandchildren who live elsewhere throughout the country. In addition to the five children Chip has had, she has three additional biological children that she carried as a surrogate for three families. Tom grew up in a Southern Baptist church while Chip attended both a Catholic school for a few years and a Pentecostal church before finding her pagan path. During their entire relationship, they have never had the same religious views but they have never let that come between them. They respect each other’s freedom of religion and encourage each other to worship as they choose. Just recently, Tom has felt a calling to paganism and is currently searching for his path. Both Tom and Chip love to spend time in nature and traveling. However, they are dedicated to working at making The Pagan Path, Inc, and their newest business venture, Robinson’s Recreation Farm, succeed. They both have very different personalities and strengths, but together, they really are a force to be reckoned with.

Tom retired from the Army in 2009 after serving 14 years between the Army Reserves, National Guard, and active duty. After being out of the military for five years, he reenlisted and volunteered for service in Iraq at the height of the war. Naturally, the government accepted his offer and he was deployed to Iraq where he spent nine months attached to the 505th BN of the North Carolina National Guard. While there, he suffered six direct IED blasts, two within 24 hours of each other during his first mission out. As a result of the IED blasts, he was left with two broken vertebrae, a shattered inner ear canal, a TBI, and severe PTSD. For his combat injuries, Tom was awarded the Purple Heart. Following his retirement, he was deemed totally disabled and has spent his time recovering, traveling, and watching his grandchildren grow.

With four small children running around (their second child died at 4 months old), it was difficult for both Chip and Tom to work simultaneously so Chip spent time attending college working toward several degrees and certificates as a way to keep her mind sharp and focused. When she was finally able to work, she chose to start her own business instead. She spent nearly 30 years working as a freelance writer and photographer before capping her pen and gifting her camera to focus on running The Pagan Path, Inc., the Beltane-May Day Festival, and their new venture, Robinson’s Recreation Farm. She is a true Gemini (except for the parts about gossiping and seeking attention) and does not like to be stagnant for one second. She is a dreamer and will try her very best to make her dreams a reality.