716 Sandy Cross Rd
Reidsville, NC 27320

(336) 340-9204

Welcome to The Pagan Path!

Most pagans are polytheistic which means they honor or worship more than one divine being. Paganism is the belief that nature is sacred and that the natural cycles of birth, growth, and death observed in the world around us carry profound spiritual meanings. Human beings are seen as part of nature, along with other animals, trees, stones, plants, and everything else that is living on earth. There is divinity in everything.

All of us are on our own spiritual journey and The Pagan Path is dedicated to providing a safe, private space, in nature, for those who wish to just sit and reflect, worship the Gods, observe a sabbat, esbat, or perform a rite. Whether it be as a solitary, a coven, or as a group, The Pagan Path welcomes everyone, especially those of a Pagan faith. We are the only Pagan nonprofit religious organization in Rockingham County, North Carolina and we are here to provide space for individuals to worship, learn, grow, and share Pagan faiths without the fear of persecution or judgment.

Our motto is “It’s your path to follow, and yours alone” and we live by that motto. Whenever you are here, you are free to be yourself to worship your choice of deities, in the way you determine. The only thing we require is that while you are here, you respect others’ religious choices, respect our property as though it were a holy site, and respect all living things on it.

Additionally, our property is open to followers of all faiths who are looking for a venue to hold an event. Are you looking for somewhere to hold a wedding or handfasting? A reunion or a company fun day? A memorial or celebration of life? A meeting or a gathering? Are you a coven or solitary and need a place to perform your rituals? We have the solution for you! We offer approximately two acres of open-air space on a gentle slope or a one-acre wooded site that can be reserved.

Looking NW toward the stage. Hecate’s Hill is behind the stage.
Looking East from the stage to the top of the slope.
Looking to the right of the stage (north) into the approximately one-acre wooded area. There are seven primitive camping spots here.
The stage.

All services booked include use of the area booked, on-site parking, one 55-gallon trash barrel with a trash bag, one 8′ bench, and one 8′ picnic table. To see our fees, please visit the services page.