Welcome to The Pagan Path!

The Pagan Path is a registered North Carolina nonprofit religious organization and is a Federally recognized Pagan church under IRS Code 501(a). As such, we are afforded the same rights and powers granted to churches in the United States. We are the only Pagan place of worship located in the Triad Region of North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing a safe, private space, in nature, for those who practice a nature-based faith to worship freely.

We recognize that all of us are on our own spiritual journey and have adopted the motto, “It’s yours to follow, and yours alone”. Whenever you’re here, you’re free to be yourself to worship your choice of deities, in the way you determine, as long as no other human or animal is injured during your practice. Pagans believe there is divinity in everything. Because of this, we treat our property as a Holy site and expect our members and visitors to do the same.

We are open daily for private practice and reflection. We are also available to rent for private events such as a wedding, handfasting, or other event. Additionally, we hold a Beltane-May Day Festival and a Samhain-Fall Festival each year to allow us to celebrate and worship what we consider the two most important Sabbats of the Year. These festivals include vendors, live entertainment, rituals, and other family-friendly events.