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Samantha WhiteSamantha White
16:33 06 May 23
I recently moved to North Carolina and thought I would be all alone in the pagan community (I'm a druid.) I was surprised and delighted to find this place not too far from where I live. I immediately signed up as a vendor for the Beltane festival (my favorite of the 8 festivals) and was not disappointed. From axe throwing, live music, tarot readings, bonfire, etc. Everything was fantastic. Unfortunately the weather kept us from celebrating all weekend but the option to camp on site was absolutely fantastic. The absolute best place to go to find all of your magical supplies as well (I grabbed up a cauldron from one vendor, candles from another, and soap from a third - not to mention I sold stationery and stickers)I can't wait to attend another festival. I've never found a community that is so pleasant and welcoming. It was so great.It was really easy to get to from the interstate and plenty of room to spread out, breathe, and enjoy nature. Hotels aren't that far away either in case camping isn't your thing.
Tina Nuse-TolarTina Nuse-Tolar
14:58 30 Apr 23
It was my first time vending at the festival. I had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to the vend at future events.
nicole lynskeynicole lynskey
14:43 30 Apr 23
My family recently moved to Reidsville, NC from Florida. We've been trying to learn about the surrounding community and find like-minded people to enjoy our free time with. The May Day festival was a special surprise so close to our new home and we were truly delighted to be able to attend. We definitely plan to visit the Pagan Path for future festivities. Thank you so much for providing this event. The food, vendors, and people were wonderful!!Face painting and hair braiding would be a cool addition for next time. Thanks again. 💜💙
Autumn CyrAutumn Cyr
11:39 30 Apr 23
Daniel XboxDaniel Xbox
09:32 10 Apr 23
Love this festival! Me and my wife go every chance we can! Really don’t understand the one star reviews? Feel like some are just being petty because they don’t agree with something they aren’t used to. Love everyone who puts this on! Such a great place to celebrate Beltane.
Bailey CookeBailey Cooke
01:44 24 Dec 22
Recently found out about this small but heartwarming outreach community for all pegans alike. Have only been to one Beltane festival and a meet and greet fire a food night but my girlfriend and i can't wait for some more events
12:21 18 Dec 22
Festival held very close to power transforms. Felt extremely unsafe
Gaz Z'dGaz Z'd
01:39 16 Dec 22
Huge eyesore.
Bri ScamordellaBri Scamordella
16:47 27 May 22

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