Hecate’s Hill

Are you looking for someplace peaceful to inurn your Pagan loved one that is not a traditional Christian cemetery? Did you inherit the cremains of a relative and you do not know where to inurn them? We can help you with this. Hecate’s Hill is our one-quarter-acre graveyard strictly for the inurnment and scattering of cremains. Human or otherwise.

Our one sq. ft. in-ground niches are just the right size to bury your loved one’s cremains directly into or in a biodegradable urn. Our affordable niches provide a more peaceful final resting place for your loved one instead of being stored in the back of a closet or in a box in the attic.

All urns must be made of a biodegradable material (wood, paper, wool, cotton, unprocessed leather, etc.). Absolutely no glass or plastic. That includes the bag holding the cremains.

All niche purchases include perpetual upkeep. For an additional fee, we offer a seasonal flower placement program.

Additionally, if you choose, we offer an area to scatter your loved one’s cremains on a hill overlooking a small stream that trickles in the spring and summer in Hecate’s Hill. Scattering events are booked for 2-hrs at a time, however, you may spend as little or as much time as you need to say a final goodbye. We only ask that you schedule this service so that you may have privacy while you scatter.

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